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2018 SHERPA Flyer

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Wilderness Discipleship Training in a small community of college age leaders, who selflesly lead, guide and enable others to reach their highest goals. In the wilderness venue of the Great Smoky Mounains, SHERPAs gain skills in backpacking, rockclimbing, paddling, and facilitating while growing in their own relationship with God and discipling others through counseling skills, Bible study, conflict resolution and developmentally appropriate team building. Preparation for a life of missions and ministry here and abroad!


SHERPA is for young adults, 18-28, who are eager to pursue a life in ministry, whether that means ministering in their neighborhood coffee shop, or in a foreign country. 

What's included:

3 weeks of discipleship training in preparing and leading Bible studies and devotionals, conflict resolution, and  group facilitation, along with practical hands on training in outdoor skills including White Water Paddling, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Land Navigation / Orienteering, and Wilderness First Aid (WFA).

6 weeks of hands on application of skills learned in training by leading campers on multi-day backpacking trips, rock climbing and white water paddling excursions, and OMC's challenge course

Overseas Mission Trip: SHERPAs will be going on an overseas mission trip.

Cost: $3000 ($200 deposit at time of registration - fundraise remaining balance)

Dates: June 1, 2018 - August 5, 2018